Sound: Editing session 2

We continued to edit our sound clips on the adobe audition software and play around with different things to view the changes in order to hear the sound clips better. In todays lesson I had a new sound clip added. I imported it onto the multi track as I wasn’t completely satisfied with the first sound clips that I had taken because of the quality of it. I continued to play around with the editing software. In some of my sound clips, the focus was on the quality of the dialogue sound, but I had to edit some parts of it as there was echo. I managed to learn how to avoid the echo which was effecting the concentration of my sound. I clicked mixer, I was able to click the small arrow next to single-band compressor or multi-band compressor, then went to amplitude and compression and was able to see the different lists of editing techniques i.e. amplify, channel mixer etc.. I was able to change the level meters and amplifiers to hear my sound playing in the background and choose which quality sound better. If I wasn’t happy with one of them or didn’t like it, I simply had to just go back to the small arrow and remove affect and continue different editing styles until I was happy with one. The volume of my voice was good but I still wasn’t satisfied with echo in the background although I had changed some of it. So i continued to edit, i clicked back onto the small arrow and the went into delay and echo. I then played around withe echo amplitudes. My final edit was the equaliser which helped enhance the sound. I cut out the final little bits of my clip to finish the sound clip. After all this was done, I was satisfied with my sound clip and the edits, I was ready to upload.


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