Sound: Editing session

In this session, i had to copy all the sounds that i had taken on the sound recorder on to the mac computer. In this lesson we were able to learn about how to edit our sounds and also listen back to them. We first had to put them on the desktop. we was then taught about the Adobe audition which is the software programme where we had to edit our sounds on. We opened up this software, went into file, then clicked import and then file again. I was then able to see all the sounds that i had taken on the sound recorder. I had to import each sound that I had taken one by one, opening it up on Adobe audition. After I had imported them all on to the software, I dragged each sound clip on to the multi track and went onto the mixer to be able to edit them. We continued to play around with the editor and sounds to notice the differences. We went into waveform and was able to alter the sound length and amplifier. The sounds taken were good but not perfect but we had the chance to edit them and continue to perfect them and change things around each time.


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