Sound: Second session

In our second lesson for sound we was again able to take the sound recorder outside of class and experience more in recording different types of sound. In this lesson we had to reflect the sounds taken be linked to the university. So, a few of the other class members and I, worked together and came up with great ideas to do this task. The first idea that we had was to have interactional, direct verbal dialogue in our sound, with superb quality. So, we went to a very quiet area, and had two people conversing with each other, having a casual conversation, reflecting back on to the university, talking about the uni itself, their subject, course, modules, how they’re finding it etc.. We wanted to record a good, high, quality sound of their voice and a lower wave sound on the background, as the main focus was on the sound of the voice and the quality of it. We took another sound in the library, one of which we focused on the barriers. as being part of the university of east London, to access the library, you would need your i.d card to enter through the barriers and it makes a ‘beep’ sound and as each person enters the barrier you hear the sound of them entering through. We focused on this again, to reflect back onto the university, people studying, using the facilities that university provides, i.e the library. Whilst we was already in the library we also took sound of people studying, how was this possible? we basically took the sound recorder close to people reading books and researching, getting the sound as high as possible from other students flicking pages. This was a great idea as well as a good sound that we managed to take. some students were on the computer, using their keyboard of maybe typing up coursework or assignments. This was another one of our great ideas, so we again decided to put the sound recorder really close to the keyboard so that we could get  top quality sound of someone typing on the keyboard, as well as clicking the mouse. We recorded all these sounds to reflect it back onto the university as well as some different sound which of course had to be at the best of quality and high standard. The last recording that we did that day, was inside costa, which is inside the university. we put the level metre slightly lower as usual, but wanted background conversation from other students, that go inside costa, with fellow students, perhaps discussing their course and assignment or general conversation. this also conveys back onto the university as students still can socialise within the university discussing general things as well as education.


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