Sounds: First session

In our first session for sound, we were shown and given the technical terms used for all sound machines, and was shown how the sound recorder works, and varies negatively as well as positively. We was shown how to record ‘good’ sound and how a good sound can be a ‘bad’ sound due to background noise. We was then advised how to avoid these things. Later we were able to get our hands on these sound recorders and use it outside as a draft. This was our first practical lesson for sound. whilst trying the sound recorder for the first time, it didn’t seem as easy as it looked, as getting a good quality sound was very difficult in the university area. We took some sounds outside, due to the airport near us and the thames, the wave that hit from the wind and the noise from the planes, made the sound very poorly, as the background noise was too high so therefore we was able to understand how to vary the sound and that their was better results for sound in a quieter place. The level meters on the sound recorder should usually be kept in the middle of the range to produce great sound quality, whereas if it were to go too high it would be a poor sound quality.


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