Sound: Editing session 3 and Evaluation

I continued to edit my sound track, as for draft when i re-played it louder with the speaker, there was a unknown loud noise which affected my sound track with its poor quality sound level. I had to open up the entire sound track on the software and listen to it carefully, to notice the distortion sound in order for me to edit it out. What I did was, highlighted the area that had the distortion, and deleted it. As it was an unwanted sound. After that i did a multi track bounce as an mp3, then had to upload to sound cloud. I was overall happy with my sound track, after editing some of the distortions out but could have improved on editing more of the echo noise out and level it better.

Overall, the synopsis of my sound recording had no direct, intentional relevance meaning however, was based on university life. It was myself and classmate having general conversation about studies, modules as well as other outside social activities. These were to simply signify student life, how a young student can portray themselves within the student life. My main sound recording was to focus on the volume of the voices, even though it was direct dialogue being used. I tried recording this sound with the lowest background noise. However their was always some sort of quiet rhythmic noise, either from echoing of the voices being spoken or the air conditioning running in the background. With editing software that we had been taught, I was able to use sound editing techniques such as the amplifier and lower the background noise so that the focus would be on the voices of myself and my classmate.

In conclusion, this had improved my knowledge in sound performance as well as broadened my options within the media industry as a whole as sound can go inclusive with future employability such as, radio etc… I enjoyed adapting these techniques and appreciate the knowledge that I had experienced, indeed I would like to continue adapting these techniques and improve adjusting a better recording with the sound recording machine as well as improving my knowledge with the editing.


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