Photography: Draft Images


The is one of my first images that I had taken in todays lesson, which focuses on pattern. I love the picture taken in landscape and I was visualising the image in black and white. I was able to think how the tone as well as the patterns would be conveyed in the image. it is one of my favourite images taken today and their is so much I personally believe that can be said about it.


This is one of the images taken today and I have titled it as shape. It is a landscape image focusing on the tile. It is a close-up landscape image focusing on the shape, which can have an unusual meaning. It doesn’t have to make sense. I believe the quality of the image was really good and as a draft, I can study this image as a perfect example for my future images taking place.


This image is another one of my images, focusing on texture. It is a close-up landscape image focusing on the plant. It focuses on the object and visualises the different texture. As a viewer you are unable to say whether the texture is soft, spiky or hard which makes it rather exciting.


This is my final image that I had chosen to upload as I believe it is a top quality landscape image, which focuses back on to the .rule of three. task. It is a long distanced landscape image, which focuses on the plane landing. You can visualise the small details such as the wheels of the plane coming out ready to land and the amazing view of the background. The different tones it focuses on, overall out stands the entire image itself.


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