Photography: Practice and Draft – Week 9

Today was our first photography lesson, we able to learn about the ‘rule of third’ which is a grid and it establishes the landscape picture, which enables us to focus and view on the photograph properly. This also helps us identify and view one image with three categories which can help us take a photograph covering all aspects. We was then introduced to the camera, to do our work which is the DLSR camera. We was able to practice around with the camera, play with the focus and lighting and view the difference in the draft photographs taken. As a group we was able to head out and experience in taking our first photographs for the tasks given. We was able to practice and view, also learn the ‘rule of third’ kind of photograph. We was able to adjust and get used to using this type of technique as majority of us were unaware of this technique. We managed to take a few good pictures and was able to also feedback on ourselves and realise that we could have ‘focused’ on some of the pictures more. We uploaded the pictures onto the mac computer and was able to view them properly. We identified the best quality pictures with a good combination of texture, pattern, shape and tone. Which was our main focus to complete our first draft task. With this practice we was then able to identify the difference between a photograph taken using the ‘rule of third’ and a image taken with no focus and out of distortion. We were able to identify this on the computer when we had to upload it. This helped encourage us to use all the given techniques taught and adapt our photographs for the coming task given.


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