Photography: Black and white photo’s


Martin Henson represents some of his pictures that he had captured over the years both with film and digital cameras. Majority of his images have a warm tone added. You get to see the contrast between the black and white. To me it looks more like a painting. You get to see the flaws within the ocean. And if you look closely, it looks split into two, one with the shore, being white and standing out, and the other looking like a leak of black oil being spread into the shore, which can have loads of meanings. i.e, evil being mixed with good. The white emphasising the good and purity. But overall, the quality of the image is fantastic and it is a great close-up[ capture taken. The frame of this image that he had taken must have been extremely difficult but he had done a superb quality job on it.


My favourite image is this one. Again it has a sense of meaning. If you look closely, you can see different types of texture, starting from the bottom, not only you see a clear vision of the boat, but the small surroundings around it. I see small pebbles and stones. Each of them have their unique texture  and contrast on it. You see the contrast of the background, and although majority of the image is dark you can see the small details which still stand out. This image is very mysterious. Its dark and can look conniving. The image itself can speak a thousand words. And it doesn’t have to be a right or wrong answer. The lighting on this overall he had pull off including the angle that he had put the camera is astonishing. [unknown photographer]


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