Photography: Brainstorm


We got together in a group to brainstorm some ideas before heading out to take images for the task we was given. We have to take five photographs, enabling a story, to be taken in landscape, including the rule of third. We are advised to take the images in colour however when we upload the pictures and edit them, we have to use the techniques which we already and still improving in, in order to edit our pictures to black and white, make sure the quality and focus is well an also establish them in the best of quality as possible. these images have to be unique as well as mysterious and talented. We chose to focus our story and images taken within on nature, plant and on outdoor environment. We wanted to take close-up images, where you as an audience are unable to figure out what the image is taken of, which make it mysterious and the story of each photograph will reveal the mysterious and magical, talented and greatly produced photograph. We agreed to take the first photograph as a landscape, close-up yet clear, but for the image to be mystical however for the audience to be unable to tell what the actual photograph is taken of. We agreed to take it of maybe a petal or plant in the outside environment dedicating to the nature. in between the first image and and last we wanted the images to slowly reveal what the image is about and the focus, as when it comes to the last image we want the audience targeted at to identify the mystery of the images taken.


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