Photography: Practice


This is a close-up landscape image taken of a stem or a twig you could say. Focusing on a plant which reflects back to our idea of nature. In colour it looks most effective as well as focused and unordinary. I chose this image because it concentrates on our idea as well as texture. We gathered that because their is so much bright colours in this image, it will look even more effective in black and white because of the contrast in colours.


This image is taken in a park, of leaves scattered on the floor representing autumn, which gives a sense of weather. The colours abstract nature which reflects back on to our idea of focusing on our images on plants etc… It also focuses on contrast in colour, shape and texture. In a black and white perspective, we visualised it to look mysterious and unordinary. It reflects back onto our main focus and idea which makes it a great photograph.


This image again is taken just outside London, in a greenery area, where we went to visit outdoor environment. This image was taken on a low angle, landscape, which focuses on the little green plant as well as the flow of green weed growing out of the concrete. Their is small texture and detail, which made us visualise the image in black and white and concentrate on how it would be effective when we edit it. The image will look more effective as well as mysterious.


This image is taken of a staircase, leading down to a field of grass focusing on leaves scattered as well different texture again visualising the image from a black and white perspective and analysing the colours, how it would be most effective as well as standing out as a black and white image.


This image is mysterious photograph taken of a step, in the outdoor environment with a puddle. It is a close-up landscape image with small details of nature, i.e. A stem of a leaf flowing within the step. We visualised this image from a black and white perspective and agreed it will look mysterious and believed the audience will be confused and unable to tell what it exactly is. Especially with effect of a black and white effect it will look mysterious leaving the audience to think as well as confused wondering what it could be.


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