Group presentation:

Members of the group: Fahmida(1338611), Ahmed(1416358), Alister (1323623), Caroline (1408873)​

This project was based in an area of London called Brain Tree. The selected  images are different aspects of nature taken at eye level. We focused on the decay of nature over time and especially in the season of winter. Our work engages with the notion of melancholy. This is evoked through the dominant autumn/winter colours and the decaying vegetation. The aim was to juxtapose nature and man made landscapes.

  • Form- ​
  • Throughout our work, we focused on form consistently in our images. The first image is great in talking about form because of all the crinkles in the plastic bag which actually relate to the crinkles in the leaves in nature. We decided to take that image because we wanted a continuous theme of nature in our images, and considering that plastic bags are man made, the form of them link into nature also. The image that this links to is the image of the leaves on the ground, you can see that the pattern in the plastic bag exists in the leaves therefore making them relate. ​
  • The techniques of our work was mainly close ups, we done this because we wanted to explore texture, shape, pattern and tone throughout the images. We wanted to develop our existing techniques and skills of taking simple photographs. We played around with angles and focused our images on lower eye level aspects to create an abstract theme. ​
  • Content- ​
  • The main theme we looked into our work is the relationship between winter and nature. This idea came to us through Tanya Marcuse’s work and we developed the idea by looking through her photographs. The fact that it is winter right now, we were able to use it to our advantage because we were able to get a range of photographs throughout the day which relates to our idea for our project. (

The intended audience for our work are both females and males between the age range of 25-45 years old. This is because at that age most people have matured and start to look into the complex ideas about life. ​

The one photographer who has influenced our work is Tanya Marcuse, she looks into many landscapes where there are many decaying aspects of nature and she manages to either get long shot landscapes or close ups to achieve a variety of form in her images. She pays attention to colours and mood in her work.​

She sets the mood of death and decay in her work by photographing the actual object which is rotting and focuses on the detail in how it decomposes. Due to the use of many different objects, for example, apples, egg shells and mushrooms, this emphasizes texture, pattern, tone and shape in her work. She also uses the rule of thirds in her work. The main idea that we got from her images is for us to close ups in our work and outline texture and make sure people are able to see the decaying of the natural objects. We wanted to achieve photographs that represent winter from a low angle eye level. However, even though our work looks into a grey and dull theme, our last image has the bright colours of green which connotes new life and hope and this links into the cycle of nature and seasons. ​


There are many ways in which we can evaluate and try to improve on our work, one way is that we could try out new locations and achieve different atmospheres, colours and plant life. We could go to parks during the winter and get a wider perspective. We could explore through different angles and styles to get different images as well as trying to build a new theme/story line.  Another thing that we could have improved on could be the settings on the camera, instead of using auto, we could have used manual to experiment with the framing and flash. The strengths of this piece of work is the compositions of the images and the different shades of grey as well as spot colours. This adds to the evocation of the mood within the story line.


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