Photography: Final images and Summary Evaluation







Overall, we presented our final edited images to the rest of the glass as a group. We had done a PowerPoint presentation and broke down each category or field that we had covered individually as well as a group. We all researched other photographers, whom which had given us ideas for the theme that we had taken for our images. The theme was focusing on the ‘decaying of nature and life’

Our images were mystical in the sense that, some of our images, the techniques in which we had used, was not portraying what the actual image was. For example, the close-up image that we had taken of the plastic carrier bag. We used the black and white Photoshop edit and used various contrast which gave the image a unusual effect, which created a mysterious affect. The connotation of the black and white affect was to signify the decaying of nature, whereas in some of the images you were able to see some colour which connoted life. This was done in the sense of portraying the ideology of sense of hope. A feeling of ‘life’

I believe the theme that we had used was unusual as well as mysterious, the various angles that we had used to take photographs were outstanding however, the final edits of some black and white and some with colour connotation of ‘coming back to life’ represented our images to tell a story. As an audience you was able to feel a sense of uncovered story being told.

In conclusion, we could have used more natural objects to improve as well as signify, the decaying of natural substances. For example, plants, flowers, fruits etc… This would have probably made more sense to our audience, although however our target audience was for a more older generation, such as middle aged people as this was a field that majority older generation have a passion and interest within. Overall, I do believe that the quality of each image was great and the Photoshop edit had improved the theme by adding a sense of mystery.


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