Photography: Photoshop Practice

In this lesson, we selected our top favourite photographs that we had taken, and uploaded them onto photoshop. We managed to use some of the features on photoshop. With some of our images, we used the edit of black and white and wanted to be a little bit more creative, we started to use the selective tool and highlight some areas in our photographs, which we wanted to stand out. We highlighted selected areas, or an object and left it in colour. We tested the tool that changes the contrast of the colour, whether brightening it a bit more so it stands out, or lowering the brightness. We balanced the contrast in order for it to look mysterious. We felt this technique and edit used, looked great, we kept the images. Whilst creating these mystical images, we also had fun as well as adapting our skills on Photoshop. We was able to focus on improving our existing skills, whilst having the chance to test and use the tools, of Photoshop for the images and also making it look even more incredible than the images had already done so without the edits of Photoshop. This was due to the concentration of the camera, angle, focus and quality of which the image was taken.


The above two images as you can see, are the same photographs taken both in which are edited. One of which on the left, we have used a black white tone only. We had focused the image of a twig, which relates back to our theme and idea of which we had concentrated on nature and winter. We had selected the bold twig in order to make it stand out, we had highlighted the selected area and left the complete background remain neutral and in black and white. We used this technique because we thought it was very creative, and thought the image looked more distinguished and much better with this technique. The image was taken from a high angle view. Focusing back onto the idea of nature.


The following image above, is a close-up taken from a lower angle, focusing on texture. The image itself is a plastic carrier bag, zoomed in. We had edited the image into a black and white tone. We had experimented around with the colours of notion, with the contrast of black and white. Editing it either to a lighter or darker tone. We also enabled to change the brightness in order to make it look best as possible of what we thought connoted back onto our theme making it interesting. We was also able to experiment with the different uses of grey.


This image above is one of my favourite photographs taken. Again, we have used composition in order to edit the images. We had selected the greenery parts and highlighted them, to connote new life, part of our story. We had edited colour onto this particular area, and had increased brightness in colour so it stands out. We had various ideas of making this our last image for our project. It focused on our story and theme of connoting new life in contrast with nature.


This is another one of our images which we had taken, a low angle shot, focusing on concrete, the floor, the leaves. Which all relates back to decaying and nature. We had highlighted and selected the bench because we enjoyed using this particular technique and also believed that it was a good use of composition in between the black and white, and the grey areas, which was in contrast overall giving it a good technique making the image stand out.


We have taken this image above, which is a close-up of the steps, in a park reflecting on nature. The steps have small puddles, with leaves inside. This also focuses on our theme and story relating back onto the project. We decided to keep the whole image black and white, again using contrast and compositions of different shades of greys and managed to experiment the editing techniques on photoshop.


This image is captured from a low angle perspective, focusing on the leaves and the textures and pattern within them. The complicity of the image being black and white, focuses on the decay, which relates back our theme, also concentrates on nature. It also fits within the narrative and aspect of our images showing and individual meaning of nature, exploring winter. The use of the dark greys can connote, isolation, dullness and misery. It all reflects back on to the decaying of nature.


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