Web & App development: Week one – App planning:


Web and app development is one of the most creative, fun as well as challenging tasks in which we were given to do. Within this lesson, we were able to identify how to create your own app, by using ‘App Furnace’ – Which was an app, to create your own one. We had all downloaded this onto our each individual smartphone or tablet to view what the app had looked like and get a simple idea of how it had worked.

In the above image, is a brainstorm of some of the ideas in which we had come up with to produce an app with app furnace. Which is the actual app, we use as a group to produce our own initialised app for a target audience to use. We came up with the idea of a ‘make-up’ app. We thought this was a good idea to take forward as in this generation, make-up has increased popularity so therefore this app was bound to work and become successful. This was the motivation in which we had to carry, in order for us to complete this task.


Once we had established what the app was going to be about, we then had to focus on what pages we was going to produce within the app for the app to be successful and complete the task. We handmade a storyboard, which is in the image above. This connotes, the understanding of four pages and what was going to be included within the app. We had summarised four subheadings which fall under make-up, to make it easy for our viewers and users to use without having any complications or difficulty whilst having to use the app. Within our app, we wanted to use make-up tutorials, pictures, links, summaries and listed names of make-up purchases in which we had used and where you could find them. This was an initial idea which we wanted to produce to help the ‘user’ identify and help them use this app for their own interest.

Later on, we then started to develop the target audience in which we wanted to aim at for this app. This was a rough age between 15-25 year olds, as the younger generation in this day and age today have passion for make-up. We then were able to focus on the theme, colour, icons etcetera in which we wanted to use to make it look appealing for our target audience.


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