If you click the link above, you will be able to open the navigation page in which we had set up and built diagrams to help create and identify each page in being used for the app. The arrows are made to help signify, which page you could click on depending on the criteria you as user would be looking for, if you was to be using this app.


The image shown above is a draft diagram of a smartphone, with a rough drawing of our make-up app, how it would look or how we initially intend to create it and make it look after using app furnace. It shows a draft video tutorial as well as the indication of pressing play. Simple links in order to help our user enjoy using the app as well as identify their personal interest and fulfil it by using this spectacular make-up app.

The diagram also represents that the app is designed for smartphones or tablets in order for the user to use it, also because of some of the data and links contained within it, indicates it cannot be used on old-fashioned phones.


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