Bibliography and group presentation powerpoint:

Group powerpoint presentation: [Last Accessed 21st March 2015]

The film ‘The Giver’ produced by Lois Lowry, is an inspiration to my work in which I have produced in the sense, that it has connection to the theme regarding ‘memories.’ Although the film has a different connection to the film in which I have produced for my project, the theory behind the film was the inspiration in which Lois had discovered by her fathers memory loss. In correlation to this, the movie that I had produced was to emphasize and adapt the good memories via old photographs, this is in order to show and make sense to the audience one type of ways in which a movie can be regarding ‘memories’ as a sense of theme. Lowry’s work is used as an inspiration because it is one method in showing how you can relate to flashback scenario’s, from a present scene in order to make relevance to any kind of synopsis. [Accessed 10th March 2015]

– Jane La: [Last accessed 9th March 2015]

Inspiration from her, with the split scenes, gave us ideas when we was making our film.This inspiration influenced me using different types of editing skills as well as picking up doifferent kinds of notions to build up a emotional yet understanding format, to improve as well as making the video clip interesting.


Written evaluation and URL link to video:

Overall, i believe to some extent we had evaluated a great quality skilled video, hitting the target of the film being with 2-3 minutes long. Our main synopsis had evaluated well with the film whilst producing it. We started off with some ideas relating to the theme ‘memories’ and created a storyboard. This helped us create and visualise an image in our heads and produce scenes in which we could make relating back to the key idea of our video.

The film was produced at home, although we thought we could have faced some difficulty with lighting and background noise, overall the film made-believe a homely environment, which connoted our loving memories which created the sense of memories and happiness which were also involved with our film-making project.

Their was different types of angles used as well as shots. Their were long shots, medium shots as well as close-up shots, re-defining the sense of meaning within the video.

Our target audience for the video, I would say its quite vague, due to film being produced is about memories, and our film connotations were focusing on happy memories, their wasn’t a necessary target audience at constant. As memory can define and be linked to any individual, especially if the flashbacks are made from looking back on old photographs. But I would say if we was to be precise, the age range group can be between anyone within the ages of 15-60 or even more.

After taking shots for different scenes, this was to create a sense of illusion of a scene portraying the present and also a visual image identifying the past again to connote the flashbacks looking back not memories. When the video was being films, none of the scenes made clear sense as their were more than one shot taken in order to connote the meaning to the film.

In order for us to break down each scene and make it come in altogether, we had to edit our film. We used final cut pro to edit our film. First thing we done was taken out all the repeated scenes that were not necessary, we kept the most great quality looking scenes as we wanted to use them to make our film look the best of qualities. One of the great qualities that i was very fond of was the use of voice playing in the background, creating feelings along side with the visual effect of the clock rewinding itself back fast. This created the beginning of a story put together relating to the theme. Also the split setting between the two scene, identifying ‘present’ and ‘past. We used edged effect to make this work.

Some things we could have improved could be, when we done our cutting out, i should have waited for the film roll off so that it made sense instead of just cutting out directly. Also the background music we had used, we could have toned it down a little. As well as the shakiness of the camera could have been more improved by taking more shots.

Overall, I would like to suggest that, via all our research and individual contribution we were able to put together a well scripted film using the skills gained from videography, as well as a lot of room for improvement for more tasks later on the course. The presentation and feedback allowed us to reflect back onto ourselves with positive as well as notes on improvement, which is was a great reflection to continue to help us do better.


Videography storyboard


In the image above is a storyboard of a rough idea of the video that we want to produce using skills, features and techniques given from videography alongside with sound. We have images connoting each scene and the significance of it relating back to the theme which of course is memory. This is to help us analyse and view each scene before recording, so that we can get the sense of understand and create images and scenes in our heads which will help us produce a great film. This also helps us break down the scenes and ideas created before we shoot each scene. Some of the images connote long shots, medium shots as well as close-ups. This helps us build an image as well as a sense of expectation from the film we produce. We are then able to view and discuss the things that did work and didn’t work, and talk about room for improvement. The task, practice and skills will better our skills as well structure for future relevance.

Video synopsis:

In this project our task given was to produce a film with the theme ‘memory.’ This can identify or literate many meanings. The idea chosen is to reflect back onto memory and show this with videography skills and portray a sense of meanings, through different angles and perspectives given a story to connote a visual sense of emotions and feelings, through the usage and skills, using videography and films, which can signify a sense of happy memories, past or present memories. This will be produced within three minutes, to show the usage of skills, reflecting through the theme.

The storyboard connotes some parts of the initiatives to the story play.

The idea produced was to use a film strip to be the first connotation to play a big part within the film. The time strip is to signify, the ‘person’ within the film looking back at some old photographs, portraying the sense of ‘memory’

Another key source which is important within the video is the key signification shown, to portray through the video, is to let the audience view and notice that the clock is going backwards. This is very important as it shows the importance of flashbacks, with the time going back to the past allows the audience to understand the difference between the two scenes.

The film was concentrated on a family home, with loving people, looking at the strips, to create the illusion of flashbacks. The idea of having split scenes, whilst one identifies the time as in, its present, and the other signifies the time as past, hopefully after the usage of final cut pro, to show the difference between the past and the present, identifying that the ‘person’ in present is looking back into the past, reminiscing good ‘memories.’

Background music, wise we wanted to use a slow melody of relaxing music, as the initiative idea of the video being filmed within a family home we wanted the genre of music to fit in and create the sense calmness and relaxation.

Alongside with background sound, we decided to use direct dialogue. A voice in which it creates a sense of emotions and feelings that will connect to our audience, creating a sense of meaning which relates back to our theme.

overall I hope as planned through our ideas, storyboard and other research in relation to our task topic, we are also able to create a a theme through the idea of memories to produce to the public.

Video project:

In this project, we were introduced to camcorders and the different features within it, such as manual recording or auto. As I don’t have much experience with cam recorders, I was very new to this and the techniques and features you can use to produce a good film. It wasn’t just holding the camera at whichever angle, and then pressing record as well as holding on to the zoom in and out button. I acknowledged that there was a lot more to camcorders and was excited to test it.
In this lesson we were able to practice using the camcorder and use other equipment’s such and the pole stand, in which you put the camcorder on top and lock it so that when you are recording, you have a very steady video taken rather than a shaky one, which you could do by using your hands. We also used the sound machine in order to get good use of sound and was able to use our existing skills as well as gather new ones to produce a good film.

In our practice shooting, we was given the task to make a recording, using long shots as well as focused close-ups, including good sound. The theme for this practice task was for one of our, group members to act as a animal without any prop, and to use body language and voice as their only support to their character. But the main focus for this task was the use of the camera and sound machine linked to the camera not the character itself.

We presented this practice task as a group, and were able to identify and practice whilst using the cameras. In order to get it to the best quality, I would suggest that close-up video recording for our group initially was the most difficult. After presenting, we was able to view on the projector screen that it was of poor quality, the focus wasn’t great and the camera was a little shaky. This practice had encouraged us as well showed us that with practice we could improve these edges in order to make a great video.

Presentation app: Evaluation

Overall, during this task, I would like to say i really enjoyed it as well as, it was fun making an app that can actually be successful. Me and my other classmates within the group had all individually carried each task and helped one another to complete and finish making our own app. We came up with the idea of making an app, ideally for girls as it was a make-up app. Make-up has increased popularity in this generation immensely. Including young girls from the ages of 12 or even younger up and till the ages of young adults.

Our app was aimed at teenage aged girls and early adults, aged between 15 to 25. They were the prime age ranged categorised group that we had decided to aim at as they were most highest targeted audience within the make-up industry with the highest popularity increase within this feild.

When we had first decided what our app was going to be about, we had then chosen the target audience aimed for this app in order to make it successful. Once we had decided this, we then had brainstormed ideas for a name for this app that we were about to produce. We had come up with many names to do with make-up of course, but was discovering that these names were already in use after researching it on the net. We had finally come up with the perfect nam for the app furnace task with is ‘Decorum’ This can mean good taste or propriety. The word ‘Decorum’ sounded well and prestige so we decided to continue the app with this name. We had decided that the word itself was too long, and we didn’t want to make our make-up app look boring or long. So we cut the word down, which remains the same name, but with three letters which symbolise the name but the three bold letters signify our make-up app but in a short, bold and simpler way. ‘DCM’ – That was our final edit to the name of our app that we had all agreed on. We was all happy with this idea.

Our next task to complete this app and make it happen, was to decide how the app was going to look. So we did a brainstorm and drew a diagram brainstorming ideas including, make-up tutorials, videos, pictures that were going to be part of the app. We also brainstormed ideas which were going to identify sub-headings, pages, links etc… that were going to help improve the app to work for our audience who we intended to use it.

Later on we had drawn a storyboard with four pages which were representing the pages and links for our app. This was to help bring our app to work. So I would say, we all individually helped work together with ideas. We had then decided to bring forward some ideas, such as the icons which would represent the app and links in order for it to work, including themes and colours being used.

After putting together all the initiatives and ideas, including videos pictures etcetera we was able to upload it on to ‘app furnace’ in order to create and publish the app in which we had designed.


Overall, after completing the task and downloading the app, we was able to see how it had looked as a real app on a real smartphone. Proudly to say, overall I was happy with the outcome and thought we could really pull it off as a real make-up app.

After presenting it to the class, we was able to get great feedback and comments in regards to the app that we had created. Most people were able to identify what the app was about, automatically the lip icon signified lipstick which connoted make-up.

However, we also could have improved our app, one of which being the name ‘DCM’ a lot of people could get confused or not understand what the DCM title stands for. Another feature in which we could have improved could be the colours used. As our target audience were aimed at teenagers to young adults, we don’t want our users to think it is ‘tacky’ or childish in the sense that its for little children as we also aimed at 25 year olds. We could have made the theme used more prestige and elegant so it looked more classy than it being tacky.