Videography storyboard


In the image above is a storyboard of a rough idea of the video that we want to produce using skills, features and techniques given from videography alongside with sound. We have images connoting each scene and the significance of it relating back to the theme which of course is memory. This is to help us analyse and view each scene before recording, so that we can get the sense of understand and create images and scenes in our heads which will help us produce a great film. This also helps us break down the scenes and ideas created before we shoot each scene. Some of the images connote long shots, medium shots as well as close-ups. This helps us build an image as well as a sense of expectation from the film we produce. We are then able to view and discuss the things that did work and didn’t work, and talk about room for improvement. The task, practice and skills will better our skills as well structure for future relevance.


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