Written evaluation and URL link to video:

Overall, i believe to some extent we had evaluated a great quality skilled video, hitting the target of the film being with 2-3 minutes long. Our main synopsis had evaluated well with the film whilst producing it. We started off with some ideas relating to the theme ‘memories’ and created a storyboard. This helped us create and visualise an image in our heads and produce scenes in which we could make relating back to the key idea of our video.

The film was produced at home, although we thought we could have faced some difficulty with lighting and background noise, overall the film made-believe a homely environment, which connoted our loving memories which created the sense of memories and happiness which were also involved with our film-making project.

Their was different types of angles used as well as shots. Their were long shots, medium shots as well as close-up shots, re-defining the sense of meaning within the video.

Our target audience for the video, I would say its quite vague, due to film being produced is about memories, and our film connotations were focusing on happy memories, their wasn’t a necessary target audience at constant. As memory can define and be linked to any individual, especially if the flashbacks are made from looking back on old photographs. But I would say if we was to be precise, the age range group can be between anyone within the ages of 15-60 or even more.

After taking shots for different scenes, this was to create a sense of illusion of a scene portraying the present and also a visual image identifying the past again to connote the flashbacks looking back not memories. When the video was being films, none of the scenes made clear sense as their were more than one shot taken in order to connote the meaning to the film.

In order for us to break down each scene and make it come in altogether, we had to edit our film. We used final cut pro to edit our film. First thing we done was taken out all the repeated scenes that were not necessary, we kept the most great quality looking scenes as we wanted to use them to make our film look the best of qualities. One of the great qualities that i was very fond of was the use of voice playing in the background, creating feelings along side with the visual effect of the clock rewinding itself back fast. This created the beginning of a story put together relating to the theme. Also the split setting between the two scene, identifying ‘present’ and ‘past. We used edged effect to make this work.

Some things we could have improved could be, when we done our cutting out, i should have waited for the film roll off so that it made sense instead of just cutting out directly. Also the background music we had used, we could have toned it down a little. As well as the shakiness of the camera could have been more improved by taking more shots.

Overall, I would like to suggest that, via all our research and individual contribution we were able to put together a well scripted film using the skills gained from videography, as well as a lot of room for improvement for more tasks later on the course. The presentation and feedback allowed us to reflect back onto ourselves with positive as well as notes on improvement, which is was a great reflection to continue to help us do better.



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