Bibliography and group presentation powerpoint:

Group powerpoint presentation: [Last Accessed 21st March 2015]

The film ‘The Giver’ produced by Lois Lowry, is an inspiration to my work in which I have produced in the sense, that it has connection to the theme regarding ‘memories.’ Although the film has a different connection to the film in which I have produced for my project, the theory behind the film was the inspiration in which Lois had discovered by her fathers memory loss. In correlation to this, the movie that I had produced was to emphasize and adapt the good memories via old photographs, this is in order to show and make sense to the audience one type of ways in which a movie can be regarding ‘memories’ as a sense of theme. Lowry’s work is used as an inspiration because it is one method in showing how you can relate to flashback scenario’s, from a present scene in order to make relevance to any kind of synopsis. [Accessed 10th March 2015]

– Jane La: [Last accessed 9th March 2015]

Inspiration from her, with the split scenes, gave us ideas when we was making our film.This inspiration influenced me using different types of editing skills as well as picking up doifferent kinds of notions to build up a emotional yet understanding format, to improve as well as making the video clip interesting.


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