Presentation app: Evaluation

Overall, during this task, I would like to say i really enjoyed it as well as, it was fun making an app that can actually be successful. Me and my other classmates within the group had all individually carried each task and helped one another to complete and finish making our own app. We came up with the idea of making an app, ideally for girls as it was a make-up app. Make-up has increased popularity in this generation immensely. Including young girls from the ages of 12 or even younger up and till the ages of young adults.

Our app was aimed at teenage aged girls and early adults, aged between 15 to 25. They were the prime age ranged categorised group that we had decided to aim at as they were most highest targeted audience within the make-up industry with the highest popularity increase within this feild.

When we had first decided what our app was going to be about, we had then chosen the target audience aimed for this app in order to make it successful. Once we had decided this, we then had brainstormed ideas for a name for this app that we were about to produce. We had come up with many names to do with make-up of course, but was discovering that these names were already in use after researching it on the net. We had finally come up with the perfect nam for the app furnace task with is ‘Decorum’ This can mean good taste or propriety. The word ‘Decorum’ sounded well and prestige so we decided to continue the app with this name. We had decided that the word itself was too long, and we didn’t want to make our make-up app look boring or long. So we cut the word down, which remains the same name, but with three letters which symbolise the name but the three bold letters signify our make-up app but in a short, bold and simpler way. ‘DCM’ – That was our final edit to the name of our app that we had all agreed on. We was all happy with this idea.

Our next task to complete this app and make it happen, was to decide how the app was going to look. So we did a brainstorm and drew a diagram brainstorming ideas including, make-up tutorials, videos, pictures that were going to be part of the app. We also brainstormed ideas which were going to identify sub-headings, pages, links etc… that were going to help improve the app to work for our audience who we intended to use it.

Later on we had drawn a storyboard with four pages which were representing the pages and links for our app. This was to help bring our app to work. So I would say, we all individually helped work together with ideas. We had then decided to bring forward some ideas, such as the icons which would represent the app and links in order for it to work, including themes and colours being used.

After putting together all the initiatives and ideas, including videos pictures etcetera we was able to upload it on to ‘app furnace’ in order to create and publish the app in which we had designed.


Overall, after completing the task and downloading the app, we was able to see how it had looked as a real app on a real smartphone. Proudly to say, overall I was happy with the outcome and thought we could really pull it off as a real make-up app.

After presenting it to the class, we was able to get great feedback and comments in regards to the app that we had created. Most people were able to identify what the app was about, automatically the lip icon signified lipstick which connoted make-up.

However, we also could have improved our app, one of which being the name ‘DCM’ a lot of people could get confused or not understand what the DCM title stands for. Another feature in which we could have improved could be the colours used. As our target audience were aimed at teenagers to young adults, we don’t want our users to think it is ‘tacky’ or childish in the sense that its for little children as we also aimed at 25 year olds. We could have made the theme used more prestige and elegant so it looked more classy than it being tacky.


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