Video synopsis:

In this project our task given was to produce a film with the theme ‘memory.’ This can identify or literate many meanings. The idea chosen is to reflect back onto memory and show this with videography skills and portray a sense of meanings, through different angles and perspectives given a story to connote a visual sense of emotions and feelings, through the usage and skills, using videography and films, which can signify a sense of happy memories, past or present memories. This will be produced within three minutes, to show the usage of skills, reflecting through the theme.

The storyboard connotes some parts of the initiatives to the story play.

The idea produced was to use a film strip to be the first connotation to play a big part within the film. The time strip is to signify, the ‘person’ within the film looking back at some old photographs, portraying the sense of ‘memory’

Another key source which is important within the video is the key signification shown, to portray through the video, is to let the audience view and notice that the clock is going backwards. This is very important as it shows the importance of flashbacks, with the time going back to the past allows the audience to understand the difference between the two scenes.

The film was concentrated on a family home, with loving people, looking at the strips, to create the illusion of flashbacks. The idea of having split scenes, whilst one identifies the time as in, its present, and the other signifies the time as past, hopefully after the usage of final cut pro, to show the difference between the past and the present, identifying that the ‘person’ in present is looking back into the past, reminiscing good ‘memories.’

Background music, wise we wanted to use a slow melody of relaxing music, as the initiative idea of the video being filmed within a family home we wanted the genre of music to fit in and create the sense calmness and relaxation.

Alongside with background sound, we decided to use direct dialogue. A voice in which it creates a sense of emotions and feelings that will connect to our audience, creating a sense of meaning which relates back to our theme.

overall I hope as planned through our ideas, storyboard and other research in relation to our task topic, we are also able to create a a theme through the idea of memories to produce to the public.


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