Video project:

In this project, we were introduced to camcorders and the different features within it, such as manual recording or auto. As I don’t have much experience with cam recorders, I was very new to this and the techniques and features you can use to produce a good film. It wasn’t just holding the camera at whichever angle, and then pressing record as well as holding on to the zoom in and out button. I acknowledged that there was a lot more to camcorders and was excited to test it.
In this lesson we were able to practice using the camcorder and use other equipment’s such and the pole stand, in which you put the camcorder on top and lock it so that when you are recording, you have a very steady video taken rather than a shaky one, which you could do by using your hands. We also used the sound machine in order to get good use of sound and was able to use our existing skills as well as gather new ones to produce a good film.

In our practice shooting, we was given the task to make a recording, using long shots as well as focused close-ups, including good sound. The theme for this practice task was for one of our, group members to act as a animal without any prop, and to use body language and voice as their only support to their character. But the main focus for this task was the use of the camera and sound machine linked to the camera not the character itself.

We presented this practice task as a group, and were able to identify and practice whilst using the cameras. In order to get it to the best quality, I would suggest that close-up video recording for our group initially was the most difficult. After presenting, we was able to view on the projector screen that it was of poor quality, the focus wasn’t great and the camera was a little shaky. This practice had encouraged us as well showed us that with practice we could improve these edges in order to make a great video.


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