For alienation I decided to focus on the subject of people and social interaction through mobile devices and other technologies such as people using laptops or the regular use of people using their mobile phones within their day to day lives. In general I wanted portray people’s use and link to media.

When I went out to take my first load of pictures, it was quite difficult because I didn’t want people that I was taking photographs on, to acknowledge that I was photographing them because it would have automatically made them feel uncomfortable. Also, if I was to do it with taking their permission, they would have posed for the pictures. So therefore I wanted to focus on taking images of people using their mobile phones or other uses of technology without them identifying it, which would make it more realistic and natural which was my main focus for the project. An article by David Bates,  concept through representations and reality.

My main objective was to take images within public places, such coffee shops, outside in public areas, tubes etc.. Having to do this was more difficult as people would suspect you taking the images, and I wanted all my images of people using their devices as natural and real as possible.

Overall, I gathered pictures of people using their technologies, mobile devices and laptops in public as well as a social area.

Some research I did on social interaction, was based on photographer, Brian Megan. He reconstitutes the idea that socialising is the new interaction and the use of smartphones dominates our way of social interaction.

Here are some of the images of my perception of alienation below:







These images are all forms of social interaction and how people are drawn to the ideology of their technology, despite for what reasons, but it goes to show that technology plays a big role within our current society today.


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