For this topic, I wanted to focus on the social context of culture. Expand on ideas and portray images of a specific culture, in which had a significant meaning behind it. My first initial idea was to take photographs of a traditional Asian wedding. However, it was quite difficult in getting access to do so. But I still wanted to concentrate on the Asian culture itself in general, through traditional clothing such as wedding outfits. Specific locations which are more Asian populated within London. Overall I wanted to establish the Asian culture through detailed photography.

I set out to Asian populated areas such as green street, Aldgate and Shoreditch and had a fantastic opportunity their to establish cultural shots just through the locations and traditional shops there, such as clothes shops etc…

Here are some of my images:







As you can see I was able to establish the Asian culture through fashionable statements  and locations based within London. This culture creates its own tribe through the sense of its own unique traditions.


Here are some more draft sketches in which I took representing culture and traditions within Asian households:


This image signifies a traditional ‘knife’ and traditional mangos being cut. The focus on the Indian gold bangles also represent culture, and one of the traditions of Asian married woman is to wear bangles.



This is another image in which I believe represents culture, a lot of households contain the Shisha pipe, its used on special occasions or even on a daily basis.


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