Cw2 Final Project: Tribalism – Religion tribe

For my final portfolio I have decided to concentrate on tribalism. From the understanding in which I have gathered from the meaning of tribe, it is a social group conformed and represent a type of culture.

I want my images for the final portfolio to focus on religion, Islam in particular.I have chosen this specific genre, because I can substitute and relate, however also express a religious culture through understandings of images.

I want to photograph each image and represent ‘peace’ which is the meaning of the religion through holy places of worship, their dressing, what that means, through ornaments and the importance of their praying, prayer mats and so on.

My main focus is to be on detailed and close-up of each image I take. I have been inspired from some of Sanders work in relation to this idea. However this specific genre is a great ordeal to me.

My first plan is to set out some dates in trying to organise visits to mosques. This will be my main focus. The interior and architecture of the location and settings, focusing on detail. Focusing on the floor, the layout of prayer, people worshipping their God (Allah)

Close-up shots of peoples hands praying with prayer beads,¬†to capture the ¬†understanding and notion of it. The holy book, Qur’an. Very close and detailed shots of it.

I want to be able to capture 18-25 images focusing on different religious themes and put it together on a website which will then be able to tell my story for this final project.