Camera, Lighting and Editing techniques

One of my main challenges within this project was the use of focus and light whilst taking pictures.My images were taken on the Nikon dslr 18mm-55mm lens camera, it was very close-up and detailed shots, so therefore the focus needed to be strong and immaculate. I realised a lot of the photos I was taking was very poor due to my lack of skills with the camera as well as poor lighting. Within some locations, the lighting was very bright and others quite low. However, with adobe Photoshop I was able to enhance the photos, brighten up some of my images where needed be and also tone down the highlight on some photographs because the natural sun light had an affect on some of these images.

Majority of my images didn’t need much editing and one of the most important features I used was the crop in adobe photoshop. Majority of my images were detailed close-ups, and where I had zoomed in so much with the Nikon generally, there was only so much I could outline before taking the photograph. So I did have unnecessary back-drops, which I was fortunately able to crop out.

Another tool n which I used to edit only some of my pictures was the blur tool. In some of my pictures the concentration and focus was only on the detailed subject, and anything in the background was to be blurred out so that the focus of the audience only remains on these specific subjects. Some images came out great and didn’t need any editing, however some I just had to use the blur tool to correct any outstanding flaws.


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