When I first set out to take the first load of photographs for this theme, I took loads of different images within my own home because I am able to establish a Muslim household with certain Islamic features, such as the holy Qu’ran and Islamic prayer mats and other features such as holy and traditional ornaments etc…

Although I thought these images were predominantly okay, I was not still satisfied enough due to the quality of the location settings. So therefore I set out to visit the places of worship, i.e. the mosque.

Due to the religion being rather strict and as all faiths we all have to respect it, unfortunately I couldn’t take real life images of people who follow this religion, as taking it without their knowledge would disrespect their religion. It is against some of the religious people to be photographed.

However I was able to verify some links  local community centres, which followed the religious traditions and they had granted me to use their facilities. My aim is to focus on the subjects such as ornaments, clothing and other factors in relation to Islam and be able to show a story through these images.

Here are some images I’ve taken within a Islamic household:

representing islam at home

prayer mat and ornaments.jpg


These images represent some of the religious traditions of Islam.



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