Inspirations and Influences:

Some of the work I looked into was at photographers such as Tom Clark, who expresses his photography work through peoples emotions. In relation to David Bates article of the whole idea and image of being taken naturally brings a much more passionate thought to all audiences. These images are more drawn to individuals and that would be my personal opinion. Where I wanted to focus my work on faith I was able to acknowledge that Tom Clark had taken a photograph of muslim women who had so much fear within them. The image itself brought so much emotion and held such a controversial isolation. This was the type of form I was aiming for.

tom clark research.png

This image expresses a lot of love, fear and compassion. Their use of hand gestures resemble their passion towards their face. From visualising the picture you can also establish that they are Muslim woman who are perhaps turning towards their God (Allah) for forgiveness, peace and mercy. That is why I wanted to espress my pictures of Islam and the beauty within the culture to be able to reconnect an image, a story that can be seen through religious attributes.

Another photographer I looked at was Peter Sandar’s. He gave me the first initial idea in which I had for my final portfolio which is the beautiful architecture of holy places of worship. His close detailed images took me by fascination, because you are able to visualise a sense of beauty and creativity through his extraordinary images. Below is a link to some of his work I took a look at. I thought these images inspired me more so to continue with the ideology of a religious tribe, in this case Islam.

peter sandars research


Another great image photographed by Tom Clark, inspiration towards some of my ideas for the final project. This image portrays Arabic writing, Islamic and religious modestly dressed woman, a painting on the wall establishing the understanding of Qur’an and a paiting of a woman. This signifies teachings of the religion.

tomclarke research 2.png


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