Creating website and layout:

I created my website the ‘Wix’ website. At first I wanted to create a PDF on book wright, however I was facing a lot of issues with that app. I wasted a lot of my time as every single time I uploaded a picture, the original size would keep differentiating and the image will always pixelate. I realised due to this it was portraying my images completely fuzzy and disproportionate, so therefore I decided to use  website instead.

The Wix website was fairly ideal, I had to create it under my email and was easy for me to access from home, in contrast to the blurb book wright website I could only use the facilities from university as it was only accessible from a mac unfortunately.

After editing all my images and renaming them, so I knew which order I wanted them to be in. I uploaded them all onto the website. I had to drag each image individually. Some were coming out bigger than others, so I clicked onto the images that didn’t look seemingly right and angled them into proportion.

After I was satisfied with each of my images on the website, I wanted to caption the images with relevant text. I initially came up with this idea when I wanted to focus strictly on the religion. With each image, I placed an Islamic quote referring to the image and the religion itself. Some were shorter than others, but that ideally was because I didn’t want the entire focus to go on to the text rather than the image.

I also translated some of the English text into Arabic text, which is the first language of Islam. Once again I didn’t do this on all my images, just on those on which I personally thought was relevant. Some quotes were from religious scholars, and others were from Qur’an in which I believed represented the religion and with the phoyographs quite well.


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